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Haven't been getting updates it's because some of he mods have been busy. IF you'd like to help me out here, send a note to the group and I'll bump up your membership. there ARE requirements-You're required to screen each piece. We're not going for quality, we're making sure people are following the rules when they submit.

Just a refresher:
1: We do not accept more than one infringement on the rules. Please note that the first time you break a rule, we will put you on warning. You will recieve only one before we take decisive action. This means any second infringement will cause all of your art to be removed from the gallery, and you will be banned from the group.

2: Do not cause drama. We do not like it. It makes us very angry, and will be met with swift punishment. That means you do not get to start fights with other members, in public. If LorTheZeldaNerdavatarjk137 or myself(trickstersGambit ) see anything that resembles drama relating to the club, well, please refer to rule one.

3: We focus on the OC rather than IZ, so I'd appreciate it if I only saw Canon characters when they're appearing with an original character.

4: No porn. At all. None. We don't want it here.
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October 28, 2010


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