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If your work was declined it was probably because we DO NOT accept canon characters on their own. If a canon character is accompanied by an OC, and the image is not erotica, we will accept it.

Please keep in mind that Gir, Dib, Membrane, Gaz, Zim, Tak and Mimi do not count as original characters unless Vasquez himself is submitting them. As he isn't likely to, you will likely never see them on their own in our gallery.

You ask me what an OC is. An OC/FC is a character that is either brought into a universe, or created FOR a universe, in order to interact with that universe. They're characters that you, the user, or Mun, use in an RP, fanart, or fanfiction.

Please keep this in mind, and welcome to the club. Enjoy the show

EDIT: Please read the rules before you submit ANYTHING to the club.
LET ME REITERATE: If zim is the only character, or the main focus of the piece, WE WILL NOT ACCEPT IT. If dib is the only character, or the main focus of the piece WE WILL NOT ACCEPT IT.
Thank you for making me repeat myself.
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Submitted on
July 21, 2010